Dreyer's Lumber

Rocky Mountain Hardware – living green and gorgeous!

Rocky Mountain Hardware started in a showroom owned by Mark and Patsy Nickum roughly over 30 years ago. They worked closely with architects, designers, and builders in Sun Valley, Idaho, and made high-end doors, windows and door hardware for upscale, custom-built homes. Dreyer’s Lumber is one of the few lumberyards in New Jersey that sells their hardware. All of Rocky Mountain’s hardware is made in America and has a lifetime guarantee! The family-owned business has continued to succeed through the years and is now being led by their son Christian since 2003. Rocky Mountain Hardware is great with custom pieces!

All products are cast in bronze certified to contain a minimum of 90% post-consumer recycled content. As an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable business they put their values into practice every day from supporting numerous local charities to living greener. All sand used to cast molds is reconditioned on an hourly basis for reuse, resulting in zero waste. Also, bronze chips and grinding dust are recycled with absolutely no byproduct. For Rocky Mountain Hardware living green is more than just an idea, it’s a way of life.

Rocky Mountain’s website is educational and also provides a tool if you are looking to create one-time custom piece for your project. They have a “Design your own” section which allows you to customize your hardware. If you sketch something with dimensions they are willing to accept the sketch and work with you on the hardware! Also with people becoming more eco-friendly, we recommend the environmentally friendly Rocky Mountain Hardware.

Please visit our Showroom at our Chatham location on the 2nd floor for some of Rocky Mountain’s Hardware! The collection has only grown since we brought Rocky Mountain to Dreyer’s 15 years ago.