Dreyer's Lumber


Dreyer’s carries wood, fiber-cement and composite siding, providing you with a variety of choices for appearance, durability, cost, and maintenance. We also stock wall-preparation materials such as house wrap and rain screen to protect against drafts and moisture. Our staff can recommend the ideal siding solution based on your project needs.

James Hardie

James Hardie

James Hardie is the world leader in fiber cement siding, a material that gives the charm of wood while providing an exceptionally durable, low-maintenance cladding that stands up to all kinds of climates. Products include HardiePlank lap siding, the most popular siding in America, as well as HardieShingle and HardiePanel siding, all available with ColorPlus technology for color accuracy, consistency, and fade-resistance.



Maibec offers Eastern White Cedar shingles in pre-assembled strips, individual shingles, ready-to-install corners, Victorian designs, and wides for dormers and gables. The company also offers genuine wood siding, which is available with a natural high-temperature treatment process for extra strength and durability and in the em+ profile for easy installation and an ultra-clean finish.


SBC Cedar Shingles

SBC’s success is based on product quality and customer satisfaction. From the cedar harvesting to the delivery of finished products, SBC’s personnel, service, and installations all contribute to the manufacturing of quality products, to which the company is proud to affix its name.

Bevel Siding

Bevel Siding

Bevel siding, also known as clapboard, is available in different lengths and widths to create different exposures. The narrower exposures have a more traditional look, while wider widths lend more of a contemporary appearance. Available in Clear V Groove Red Cedar.

Cedar Shakes & Shingles

Cedar shingles are the most common siding in the northeastern United States. These shingles are cut square with parallel sides, making them easy and fast to install. Taller shingles with wider exposures need to be installed with backer board to ensure weatherproof coverage. Available in:
• #1 Red Cedar Perfections, 18”
• #1 Red Cedar R&R gray prime oil base, 18"
• #1 Red cedar R&R, 18"
• #1 Red Cedar Royals, 24”
• #1 Red Cedar Barn Shakes, 18”
• #1 Primed Grooved Red Cedar Shingles, 18”
• #1 Primed Sanded Red Cedar Shingles, 18”
• #1 Natural Grooved Red Cedar Shingles, 18”
• #1 Natural Sanded Red Cedar Shingles, 18”
• Red Cedar Round Fancy Butt Shingles, 18”
• White Cedar Undercourse, 16”

Rough Sawn / Textured Wood Siding

Rough Sawn / Saw Textured wood vertical siding is also known as channel siding because the boards are joined with an overlapping joint that leaves a square groove between the boards. The rough texture gives this siding a rustic look. Available in:
• Red Cedar Channel Rustic
• Red Cedar Channel Rustic Primed
• Red Cedar (CVG)
• Eastern White Pine

V-Joint Tongue and Groove

V-Joint Tongue & Groove Wood Siding

Installed vertically on the side of the house, V-Joint siding boards lock into their neighbors with a tongue and groove joint for a positive and stable joint. Available in Red Cedar.


Boral TruExterior®

Boral TruExterior® has created an entirely new category of exterior siding and decorative trim that offers phenomenal performance, remarkable workability, and a lasting look without the limitations that plague other exterior siding and trim products. TruExterior Trim boards and siding are reversible wood and smooth grains. They are easy to paint, cut, route, drill, mill, and nail like wood.

Cedar Roof

Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau

The Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau® is a nonprofit organization that promotes the use of Certi-label® cedar roofing and sidewall products. They offer informed Certi-wood® advice and are responsible for educating the public and building code officials. They have earned the distinction of being the recognized industry authority.


LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide is a full line of trim and siding products that combine the beauty of traditional wood with the strength and durability of engineered wood. It resists impacts rot and insects while performing exceptionally well in extreme climate conditions. With its deep grain cedar texture, defining shadow lines, and a wide variety of profiles, LP SmartSide adds elegance and distinction to any architectural style.



NuCedar is the first company to introduce factory pre-finished, premium architectural siding made from cellular PVC to the custom home and multi-family markets. NuCedar siding, shingles, clapboard, and trim combine the look and warmth of cedar with exceptional durability, low maintenance, and ease of installation. The products come in many profiles, sizes, textures, and colors.

Siding Prep Materials

AdvanTech Sheathing


AdvanTech® roof and wall sheathing provides industry-leading strength and unmatched moisture resistance to your build. These products are structural 1 rated to provide up to 10 percent more allowable shear strength than other products with the same thickness and nailing pattern. AdvanTech sheathing is backed by the best warranty in the business for added assurance both during and after construction.

Benjamin Obdyke

Benjamin Obdyke Home Slicker

With a tradition of innovation in building products since 1868, Benjamin Obdyke is one of America’s leading providers of high-quality roof and wall building solutions. The unique, vertically-channeled, three-dimensional matrix of Slicker® Classic provides a continuous space for drainage and drying, a thermal break and pressure equalization — eliminating the threat of trapped moisture. Slicker 10 Classic is designed to meet the 10mm code requirements in Canada.

DOW Styrofoam


Dow combines the power of science and technology to passionately innovate what is essential to human progress. The company is driving innovations that extract value from material, polymer, chemical, and biological science to help address many of the world’s most challenging problems. Dow delivers a broad range of technology-based product solutions for the packaging, infrastructure, transportation, consumer care, electronics, and agriculture sectors.

Grace Ice and Water Shield by GCP

Grace Ice and Water Shield roofing membrane is used as an underlayment for sloped roofs to resist water penetration due to water backup behind ice dams or wind-driven rain. It also provides leak protection in trouble-prone spots like valleys, skylights, protrusions, and other flashing areas.

VYCOR® Weather Barrier & Flashing Tapes by GCP

VYCOR® represents the best solution for a house's longevity in the face of weather. As a fully-adhered weather barrier and flashing system, the products seal to the substrate, seal at overlaps, and seal around the fasteners that attach siding, trim, and decorative features. VYCOR® weather barriers and flashing deliver robust and worry-free protection for the owner and are easy for the contractor to install.



Henry® Company is a leading innovator of Building Envelope Systems® and understands the principles of integrating air/vapor barrier, roofing, and waterproofing systems to ensure superior building performance. Henry professionals offer designers, contractors, and building owners a combination of technical experience and a commitment to provide quality products. For more than 75 years, Henry has been the trusted source for complete Building Solutions.



Dupont™ Tyvek® weatherization wrap increases air and water resistance helps lower heating and cooling costs and provides protection against water and moisture intrusion. The unique qualities of Tyvek® help stop airflow through wall cavities, help hold out bulk water and wind-driven rain, and allow moisture vapor to escape from inside walls. The result is a more comfortable, energy-efficient building with far fewer chances for damage from degradation effects.

ZIP System

ZIP System

ZIP System™ wall and roof sheathing reduces air leakage, protects insulation’s thermal resistance value, and saves energy. An excellent alternative to house wrap or felt, ZIP System™ sheathing is easy to install: just fasten the panels and tape the seam. The result is a long-lasting, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly sheathing backed by a best-in-the-business warranty.